Kellene’s Blogs

Kellene Bishop is passionate about honoring and defending the U.S. Constitution that through such education we may “be united in upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States.” (David O. McKay).  In addition, she also writes for several other blogs:

  • Preparedness Pro provides expert emergency preparedness information including food storage and personal preparedness within the family and community
  • Women of Caliber addresses firearms and physical self defense primarily for women and Second Amendment issues.
  • Kellene Bishop addresses the U.S. Constitution, public policies and politics worldwide
  • Freedom Intelligence is your online news source for in-depth undiluted truth regarding the state of our nation.


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3 responses to “Kellene’s Blogs

  1. Thank you for all your inspiring thoughts. I just stumbled on your blog tonight and that was just a couple of hours after reading Dallin H. Oaks address on October 13th about religious freedom being threatened. You are doing good things. Thank you.

  2. from one LDS political activist to another…
    You are invited to join AMERICAN RESISTANCE PARTY see: or my blog at

    I am the founder of the CALIFORNIA MORMON BATTALION in 1999. Then I said the Constitution was hanging by a thread, now I say it is as “dead as a door nail.”

    It is still up as a yahoo group, but I have given up on the LDS Republiktards.

    • I think that aligning yourself with ANY of the existing parties is a bad idea. None of them are what they attempt to portray and NONE of them are reflective of God’s values at present.

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