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Standing for the RIGHT Cause?

In just the last few days alone my e-mail has been pommeled with “Please support” such and such causes. Among which have been the following

  1. not paying for Facebook (which is ridiculous b/c FB has made it perfectly clear that this is just a rumor
  2. grieving more for Michael Jackson
  3. grieving for Farah Fawcett
  4. creating the biggest FB group ever -million dollar entrepreneurs
  5. cooking with sprouts
  6. learning how to enhance your sleep
  7. Reliv
  8. Xango

and a list goes on and on. While I think that none of these are “bad” causes per se, the deliverance of their message is damaging because they ignore and distract from a much more perilous cause–that of the freedom and honor of our country.  The enemy of best really is good.

Why don’t we have a MILLION members of THIS group? Is patriotism that dead even among our own faith? Have we forgotten the honor, sacrifice, and integrity of those of our own faith who have fought valiantly so that we might have the freedom of religion? Have we forgotten that God bestowed this great nation of freedom upon us so that He might restore the Priesthood powers to the earth? Do we not realize that without freedom we cannot exercise those powers, rights, and ordinances freely?  Do we not realize that without this nation we don’t even have access to the sacred temple ordinances that we should value so dearly?

We have millions of voting members in this nation, and yet we are silent in the name of visiting and home teaching duties, raising a family, holding family home evening, and attending our other meetings. Don’t we realize that without the freedoms that already have been sorely trampled we are losing the freedom and liberty to pursue such eternally effective actions?

We must put first things first. Right now our nation is at peril. Preserving it must be our focus. Our very lives are thus at peril, let alone the freedom that our forefathers and the prophets of the Book of Mormon lost their lives to preserve. Is this how we SHOW our testimony of the Gospel?

I’m pleased that we have 400 members of this site. But let’s face it, these “members” only represent people who really have only taken a moment to post that they have an “interest” in such a topic.  I am dismayed at the lack of comments, causes, and true proactive movement that I see in this group and among our nation. Are we not the holders of light to the rest of the world–not just as members of His church but as citizens of this nation? Where is our light? Is it drowned out by the glare of the television, the computer screen, or the movie theatre?

We cannot afford to be silent any longer. We MUST bring about change in this nation. We must act. We must ALL write letters, send faxes, and make telephone calls for the freedom and liberties that we hold dear in order that the Gospel may continue to roll forth fully in the lives of our own citizens and the rest of the world. So very, very much good can be realized in our own lives and in the lives of the rest of the world if we will but take a stand against evil. Yes, indeed we hold inherent within us THAT much power for good.

May we pray in earnest that we may recognize the truth of ALL things that we may ACT accordingly. And then may we exercise our duty and right to uphold that truth vigilantly!

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Is Religious Freedom Dead?

While the ACLU has not actually filed suit to  to have all military cross-shaped headstones removed and another suit to end prayer from the military completely, they continue to reference such acts in other cases they are pursuing, in which they believe violations of the 1st Amendment are committed. Unfortunately, their 1st Amendment suits are making great progress. The Navy Chaplains can no longer mention Jesus’ name in prayer thanks to the wretched ACLU and our new administration.

I think it is unfair that only Christians are kept from worshipping their God or displaying their religious symbols while many other faiths are not only allowed to express themselves religiously but provided with special facilities and rooms in government buildings to do so. I think Christians deserve equal treatment under the law based on simple logic, simple fairness and common sense, regardless of the supposed need to separate church and state.

Did you ever wonder how this concept of “separation of church and state” began in the first place? It began with some attorneys who happened to be judges on the US Supreme Court who believed that they knew more than the majority of Americans and our nation’s founders. They didn’t even base their initial decision that started the ball rolling on case law – they based in on the statement of Thomas Jefferson made in a letter to a Baptist organization that simply wanted to be assured that their country would not impose a state religion on them. Jefferson assured them that they were safe and spoke of a “wall of separation.” But these justices initiated a philosophy based on that letter and that phrase that had nothing to do with the concept that Jefferson was attempting to convey.

Their proposal of the separation of church and state and totally disregarded Jefferson’s meaning and used it to abrogate and abandon the freedom of religion as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. Instead the decision supported the right of people to prevent others from exercising their freedom of religion by implying that their doing so somehow took that freedom away from others who did not agree with them. What type of poppycock is that anyway? That’s like saying that if I love you as a friend my love prevents someone else from loving you as a sibling or a child or a spouse. It is preposterous. Those arrogant justices set themselves up as being more brilliant than those who came before them and more able to judge the unexpressed intentions of the founders of this country more correctly than any other individuals or group of people in this land. In effect, they claimed a position of social prominence, intellectual superiority and elite status to which that the people in this country were promised they would not be subjected.

Is it not time that we simply said “Stop?” “No more!” You are not more intelligent. You do not have greater understanding, knowledge and wisdom than those who came before you or, for that matter, than your contemporaries in the myriad of other jobs, skills and professions in this great land. You are no better than the rest of us and you do not get to be the kings of this country or claim that only you are qualified to judge the law or define reason.

Men and women should not have to be lawyers to be qualified to be judges. Men and women do not have to be lawyers to possess superior intellectual ability. Men and women do not have to be lawyers to have and use common sense. Men and women do not have to be lawyers to have superior reasoning ability and make intelligent decisions. There is no discipline in the world that lawyers naturally understand better than those who are not lawyers. Then why is it that only lawyers get to be our judges? Isn’t it time we just said “NO” to this legal tyranny?

God bless those who fought and sacrificed their lives to protect our rights. Do not let them be stripped of the honor, solace and consideration that is given to them by the simple display of the symbols of their religion after they have given the “last full measure” of everything they could possibly give for all of us. Do not permit the smug arrogance of those who claim that they know best what to do simply because they have studied law to strip these honored heroes who can no longer fight for themselves because they fought for us of their dignity and religious beliefs which our country guaranteed them while they lived. They deserve to have their religious freedom just as much we, the living, deserve to have ours. Stop the insanity that reigns in our land. Stop the elitists from vanquishing both their UNalienable rights and ours.

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Are We There Yet? Insight from David Kat

David Kat prepares many of the beautiful spiritual Youtube videos that many have enjoyed – He had some insight lately and gave permission for this to be shared. No. He’s not an apostle. He’s a lay member. However, he’s simply directing you to scriptures so that you can determine for yourself if what he believes is accurate. The following is in his own words.


Last night, I was able to see more of the BIG picture. I just want to share a quick insight.

For the past couple of years, it has bothered me that in conference, the Brethren have been relatively silent in warning, giving counsel in preparing for the last days etc. I have prayed and yearned for Samuel the Lamanite-like talks, or President Benson’s or Bruce R. McConkie’s talks… yet instead we have been getting talks on Faith, on Hope.. on Charity/Service etc..

My thoughts have been… here the world is crumbling, disasters are eminent, people are not prepared and need to be. I was very frustrated and wondered WHY ARE WE NOT GETTING THE WARNINGS?

I was on the phone with my mother-in-law last night who just talked with a man that had a near-death-experience. He told her many things, but she felt impressed to tell me one thing in particular.

He said things are so very close to all of the “prophesied” things to begin happening. He talked about the “cycle” (reaffirmed in the Boyd K Packer’s talk in given in conference) and how just before things completely fall apart and collapse with utter destruction, the Lord’s anointed stop warning, and start speaking about faith, hope and charity. IT IS THE LAST STAGE IN THE CYCLE.

Then it hit me… The Book of Mormon is a template for this as well. Case in point.
We read in Ether… we get all the warnings about secret combinations etc and how the wickedness is abounding and that the people will be destroyed if they don’t repent.. then just before the entire civilization gets destroyed we get the 12th chapter on FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY..

Another example we find in Moroni chapter 8.. just before telling us that the people will perish and the prophecies will be fulfilled, Mormon teaches his son Moroni (and us), about Faith, Hope and Charity.

Okay… fast forward to the past two conferences.. what messages are we hearing…FAITH, HOPE, and CHARITY! WOW.. it hit me like a ton of bricks.. It was the answer that I needed to hear about why we aren’t receiving the voice of warning like I wanted.

Here is how I see the cycle now: AS A PEOPLE WE move from being Humble… to Obedient… to Blessed… to living Righteously… to Ease… to Laziness… to Prideful… to Selfishness… to Immorality… to having the prophets warning us to repent… to Wickedness… to Ripening to the Point of no return… to No more on Warnings, but teaching the humble followers to have Faith, Hope,and Charity –

THEN DESTRUCTION, CALAMITIES, etc- compelling us back to being HUMBLE…….

So, we probably won’t see the prophets speaking to us to warn us from the pulpit.. we arepast that time, we are in the final stage. This is the Lord’s way, just as He has done with the 2 prior civilizations (Jaredites, and the Nephites ..

It is my opinion, the more we hear about HOPE, don’t DESPAIR, etc .. THE CLOSER WE ARE!
I hope to speak to this man personally who had this near-death experience. He said some amazing things to my mother-in-law. In a nutshell, my mother-in-law now feels that she will be alive to see all of this unfold. Before she thought she wouldn’t be around.

WE ARE SO VERY CLOSE to things accelerating.

Just as a side note that just hit me, In one of my last videos, “Great Trials Lie Ahead”.. I started out with all of the warnings of McConkie, Benson, Eyring….and felt very strongly to end the video with the statements of HOPE by Uchtdorf…

This is a pattern, it is pattern seen in the Book of Mormon and we are following that same pattern today…

NEXT STEP for ALL OF US: The Destruction of the Wicked and the Saints being Humbled.

Feasting on Which Word?

By Kellene Bishop

“Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ having a perfect brightness of hope and a love of God and of all men feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end…” 2 Nephi 31:20

scripturesDo you feast upon the media for your political inspiration or the scriptures and prayer? 

Unfortunately, many members of the church literally FEAST on what the media has to say in order to influence their political decisions.  We’re constantly bombarded and thus it’s quite easy to get caught up in it all.  But remember, President Hinckley made perfectly clear that these are spiritual decisions we must make, not political ones.  In fact, given the foundation of our country and its importance to the Gospel, all of our decisions can be and should be viewed as spiritual ones.  And the best place to get help with such decisions is the scriptures, not the newspaper or CNN.  Obviously we don’t get “bombarded” by the Spirit.  We have to be proactive to receive those kinds of answers.  So we must be diligent in receiving them.

I firmly believe that this nation is at a spiritual crisis primarily because we have not been proactive in our preservation of freedom.  Let us now use our freedom of religion in order to help preserve freedom for all.

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