Opposing Homosexuality in Righteousness

Marriage is sacred photo c/o open.salon.com

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I listen to easy listening music. I absolutely love it. It’s so peaceful. I seem to get more work done and more writing done when I indulge in it. I’m so accustomed to it that when I hear some “head banging tune” that it rattles me to the core. I feel my stomach thump with each violent beat of the bass. I feel rattled. I feel like someone is screaming at me. There is a big difference between peace and joy and anger and rebellion.  I share this with you because my soul reacts the very same way when it is exposed to other scenarios—such as being subjected to homosexual scenes on my television set, in a book I’m reading, or in a conversation I have to overhear in public.  I feel sick to my stomach. I feel truly sad for the poor choices so many individuals have made in their lives. I think I’m mostly sad because I have a wonderful marriage. I’m so blessed to enjoy an enduring love that Heavenly Father blesses and sanctions. We’re not perfect people, but we do try to live in such a way in which our home and marriage can be influenced by the Holy Spirit. If we are fighting with one another, if we are unfaithful to our covenants that we made to each other and to God, or if we are dishonest with one another, we can’t possibly expect Him to have an influence in our lives to the fullest extent.  As such, I find myself mourning the real peace and joy that those who elect to follow a homosexual lifestyle relinquish as a result of their choices. Bottom line, a homosexual lifestyle—with or without marriage involved—is not pleasing unto our Heavenly Father and it is offensive to me as well. All of this comes from my deeply rooted religious and personal beliefs.

When the television show “Flash Forward” first aired, I watched it with great enjoyment. However, when they aired an episode that promoted a lesbian relationship, I immediately stopped watching it and haven’t turned it on again. I also wrote a letter to the network informing them of my displeasure. Is it hatred in my heart that causes such a reaction? No. It is an unwillingness to allow such images into my home, my heart, and my mind. It’s an unwillingness to support the counterfeit version of happiness and marriage. It’s such an evil representation of true love and marriage that such content offends me greatly. I respond in the same way when I hear the Lord’s name taken in vain, or when I see any sexual content displayed on television or in a book.  So why am I writing about this today?  Because I was shocked to read that a man was fined over $6,600 because he refused to take photos for a gay marriage in New Mexico! http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=119282

First of all, gay marriage isn’t recognized in New Mexico. Secondly, the ceremony was offensive to the photographer’s marriage beliefs. And yet a judge, who is supposed to enforce and preserve the U.S. Constitution found the photographer guilty of “unlawful discrimination.”  This is so wrong folks.  I’m a professional preparedness consultant. Would I be fined because I refused to counsel a person how to preserve their cocaine long-term—even if it’s illegal and against my religious beliefs?  How there can even be a judge on the bench that can make such a ruling is literally frightening to me; frightening because it’s just one more indicator how far we have fallen from the best that God had to give us in the form of the U.S. Constitution. Where is the freedom from religious persecution? Where are the judges who work for We The People instead of promoting their own cultural beliefs and attempting to legislate from the bench?  In the name of true freedom, I believe firmly that as Christian Americans we cannot continue to turn a blind eye towards what’s going on around us.  Evil is real and thus our defense against evil must be every bit as real as well.  Why is evil seemingly winning the war? Because its cause has never been complacent, apathetic, or lazy.  If only we were as aware of evil as evil is aware of good!

I have two immediate family members who have chosen homosexual lifestyles.  One is even a homosexual prostitute on the strip in Las Vegas. I fear for the day when I get the call that he’s died as a result of his chosen lifestyle.  I also have another immediate family member who wholeheartedly supports such choices as well—so much so that he won’t even permit me to be his “friend” on Facebook for fear that my beliefs might “offend” one of his homosexual friends. As such, there has been a line in the sand drawn in all of our relationships. They simply cannot tolerate my disagreement with them no matter how kind or sincere such disagreement may be delivered. They are unable to accept a differing opinion. For them, it’s not enough that you love them; you have to agree with them as well. Unfortunately, that means that there is a huge, painful wall in place of a loving relationship. There’s been a great deal of sacrifice in order to stand for what’s truly right.  I don’t hate these individuals, but I cannot expose myself to their horrific choices either. And I certainly cannot support their cause.  I would much rather have healthy relationships with these people in my life. But this is not to be in these, the last days. We simply cannot have a fairy tale ending when violations of God’s laws are present in our lives.

I feel awful for the parents who are so afraid of losing their children that they have even risen in defiance against the Church leaders.  They somehow feel that God’s laws should be more pliable in the face of the abundance of homosexual evil which has stricken our world. Yes I realize that these individuals who are making these awful choices are someone’s son or daughter. They aren’t just nameless faces. They are a part of their parent’s soul. But so are we to our Heavenly Father. He too will have to choose to separate Himself from us if we choose unrighteously.  I was so saddened to hear so many members of the Church express disgust and anger that the Church leaders would take a stand on this vitally important issue in our world today. Do they not realize that if these leaders did not take such a stand they would have the wrath of God to deal with instead?  The same goes for all of us. The Lord will not permit his people to be apathetic. Apathy is a clever word that the adversary has created. It’s just a deceptive way to describe evil actions. Nowhere in the scriptures does the Lord provide us with neutral territory.  These same persons who would make excuses for these lost souls do so without an understanding that God cannot cease to being just without ceasing to be God.  If only the parents could find that same balance in their own lives with their children in being just and loving. Instead, not only are they losing a child to the choices which the child has made, but they are losing their own firm footing in the Gospel as well because of how they are attempting to embrace evil—all in the name of compassion. Can they not still love their children without rebelling against the counsel and wisdom of the prophets? Instead of dipping their toe in the pool of apostasy, they would find more peace during such trials by increasing their temple attendance and righteous acts in an effort to engage the Lord in answering their fervent prayers on behalf of their lost children.

Righteousness, prayers, fasting, temple attendance is what makes a difference photo c/o mormonchurch.com

May we do more to shake off the chains of apathy and rebellion and proactively stand for what is right. Righteousness, prayers, fasting, temple attendance and feasting upon the word of God will do more to help these persons than will acts of rebellion and defiance—He’s promised us that such is the case. The miracle is that we can perform these acts of love for those who have made wrong choices without compromising our own standing before the Lord, and in fact strengthening our relationship with Him.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


7 responses to “Opposing Homosexuality in Righteousness

  1. I appreciate your candor and point of view. I am amazed at how over time the homosexual movement has made inroads into what is considered normal by some people. What was considered to be “queer” when I was growing up is now discussed as being “gay”.

    Recently I was in a restaurant which had televisions placed around the perimeter near the ceiling. At one point during dinner I glanced up and saw a blue haired female cartoon character embracing another female and then passionately kissing. I was shocked; literally amazed and spoke out about what I had witnessed. Fortunately there were no children present in the restaurant. However, no doubt in hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of US homes there were children who saw the same scene with no one there to change the channel or to explain that the action is offensive to Heavenly Father and thus wrong. Chances are that if that program was on and viewed as acceptable by the parents or caregivers, there was no one who would have spoken out against what the children were watching. By not hearing a statement to the contrary the children would assume approval of the action and thus assume acceptance.

    I agree that although Heavenly Father loves all His children, He must be deeply offended by these types of actions.

  2. AMEN! Very well said Kellene,and Barbara! thanks for sharing your love and Obedience to the Lord at all Cost!! “The END is coming quickly!” All the Rights are being made wrong!! God Bless YOU! please join my family on facebook/queenknobster
    looking forward to the love for Christ you both share!!!!

  3. You have put in words what I have feared, and what I have feared to say for years. Thank you. The sad thing is that if you held a public office and said the same thing, you’d be forced to resign.

    Also a shame is that the Google Ads showing up on this page at this moment has a blatant ad for a site promoting homosexuality. You may want to tell Google to restrict what they advertise on your site.

  4. all they had to do was go on to a different photographer. businesses have the right to refuse service. people have the right to refuse businesses.

  5. I wainted to say one more thing, unfortunately i was not able to edit. so here i go with a second statement as a follow up. as parents and guardians we have a right and arequirement )for lack of a better word) to protect our children from harmful events. whether it’s in person, on televison, radio or the internet we have to protect our children. it’s up to us to filter the crap coming from hollywood. hollywood plays politics. they want us to do as they do and say. an immoral lifestyle. sex, drugs, multiple partners, partner swapping, decay of morals, etc…
    i will literally hold my hand up to my daughter’s eyes before i let her see filth on tv. that includes whatever my father in law decides to show regardless if it’s suitable for a 5 year old. people of the same sex kissing…IN A CARTOON NO LESS! more gay/lesbian characters are appearing aimed at teenagers, as well. we still have a job to do when our kids are teenagers. it’s harder then too. because they aren’t guided by us anymore. they are guided by the cool kids in school, the clothes at the mall, the immoral people in hollywood and so on and so on and so on.
    i remember getting the shock of my life when i was 15 years old, home alone watching HBO in CA. apparently they were on eastern feed because at 8pm what i thought was simple channel surfing turned in to porn. LESBIAN PORN TO BOOT! i remember going to confession as soon as possible after that occured! that! should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!

  6. Thank you for saying what so many have felt for so long and I would like to add a bit more for you to think about. Gay/Lesbian addoptions, it takes a man and a woman to make a child, you can not do it with 2 men, nor can you do it with 2 women, what the *&$^ gives them the right to addopt and raise children, as you say it is against God’s will (homosexuality). I will tell you that I am not the most religious person, but, I can tell you that it is just wrong by natures laws as well. Think about it, if Noah would have had 2 of every animal on his arch, and just so happened that 1/2 of them would have been homosexual, this earth would be void of some of the most wonderful creatures on earth. I am single, and have no children, I hope that one day I will meet the right woman and have children, (even though I am now in my 40’s). It upsets me to know that more and more rights are taken from us as “normal” human beings, just because this country has to be “politicaly correct” what the *%&^ is this, what actually brought this all about? Why are we concidered a-holes or bad people if we speak our mind freely, (maybe that is why I only have a few friends) I tend to speak my mind and welcome debate, I may not agree with all that others believe in, but I will let them speak thier minds, as long as they will also listen to what I have to say as well.
    Sorry for rattling, I like your writings that I have read so far, keep up the great work.

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