For Freedom’s Sake, Boycott Home Depot

By Kellene Bishop

God Button Home DepotToday’s news shares a disturbing story of a man who was FIRED from his job at Home Depot for wearing a pin—a pin which he’d been wearing every day for over a year. What horrible message did this pin convey? It’s an American flag with says “One Nation Under God, Indivisible.” Horrific, right?

What’s horrific is that Home Depot fired the man because he refused to remove it and replace it with their store sanction pin which states “United We Stand.”  Kind of hypocritical don’t you think? Unless this guy is “united” with the anti-religious and anti-patriotic stand of Home Depot he loses his livelihood!

What concerns me most about this is that the pin was not simply a religious one in nature. It was a quotation from our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance. To me, Home Depot’s behavior in this matter is an act of treason, plain and simple. So I implore every Christian American to PLEASE boycott Home Depot. We must fight back on these issues folks while we still can! Please let your voices be heard!! Contact Home Depot today and let them know that their actions are not acceptable to We The People of this great Christian nation! We cannot afford to be a silent group any longer. 

The main number for Home Depot is 1-800-Home Depot. You can also go to their main site and send them an e-mail. I strongly recommend that you do both!! You can also try 1-800-553-3199. By the way, Home Depot is another one of those businesses that requires you to press 1 in order to proceed in English!

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop.  All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


11 responses to “For Freedom’s Sake, Boycott Home Depot

  1. Rules are rules. Sounds like he was doing more than just wearing a flag pin. People probably complained about him preaching in the store. I know I would.

    • I don’t read anything in the article about him preaching in the store. However, in law there is something known as a precedent. If Home Depot set a precedent of tolerance for his pin for a year previously and then just switched, then they would have a hard time enforcing their handbook rule. There’s clearly much more to this story than we are aware of. My concern is why such a rule would have been put in place originally. I would presume that it was to eliminate the potential of any heinous or foul displays. To put the pledge of allegiance in that same category concerns me a great deal.

  2. The fact is, freedom of speech doesn’t apply to work environments or private property. They told him he couldn’t wear the pin and he wore it anyway. That’s insubordination and Home Depot had every right to fire him.

    • Freedom of Speech applies to the United States soil. Just as we cannot permit our government to violate the U.S. Constitution, no other entity, business or private, can violate it as well.
      If they had a policy of the pin being worn, then it should have been enforced previousl. They actually shot themself in the foot by not enforcing it earlier. As a result, the burden of proof that they DIDN’T fire him for exercising free speech is now on their heads.

  3. My thoughts, if they don’t want One Nation Under God they probably won’t want In God We Trust either so I won’t burden them with having to handle my money with those wonderful words. I had made the personal decision to avoid shopping at Home Depot when I first heard of the story; even before I read it on your blog. This week my son needed knee pads for a job and asked me to bring them to him on the job site. I was on the wrong side of town to shop either Lowes or Ace Hardware so I drove past Home Depot to find another store in the area. Sure enough there was a locally owned lumber company just happy to take my In God We Trust money. And when I told the cashier that I drove past Home Depot, and why, he graciously gave me a discount. That’s good business!

  4. You need to be informed about Agenda 21 and the movement in our country to put it into effect.
    This is one way to erode our freedom of speech and the pledge of allegience. Ezra Taft Benson contiually warned us what would happen if we don’t wake up and it’s happening right now in our country. The constitution is challenged and it needs to be upheld. Go buy The Constitution a Heavenly Banner at Deseret Books….Read it!!!!
    Ezra Taft Benson wrote it. He also wrote An Enemy Hath Done This in 1969… totally pertains to today’s world…….If you want to find out what Agenda 21 is go to my blogs at
    Then wake up and stop drinking your Kool Aid…tell others to start fighting for our Constitution……It’s hanging by a thread and YOU need to save it with the rest of us……Home Depot must be one of the stores owned by the bad guys!!!!

  5. “One Nation Under God!” is what it is! but of course as the Bible states …in the End of days, all the wrongs will be wrighted (unfortunately), Satan is working hard to weaken the Christians…but! the Lord will have his Wrath, and I pray he comes QUICKLY! Kellene…you did well!!!! Endure for the Lord will keep you, when he comes! Thanks Brother! God Bless You!~

  6. “Amen Barbara!” God Bless You!~

    No Home Depot for me either!!!!! *_*

  7. and Ben!!!! wearing the pin for a YEAR-and then they fire him because he wouldn’t remove it!!!! Man~ One Nation Under God!!!!! Alway’s…I would have loved to lost my position for standing for my Lord as well!!!! The Love of Money is EVIL…and the lord made the trees and supplies all things and Eventually! HE will take from the Rich Boasting Man… “He givith & He will take it away! if it is opposing to his will, and ubstructing his Law! ” Be sure of this! God Bless You & forgive you if you back the lawless of the Almighty’s Word!~

  8. I fully support Home Depots right to fire an employee that will not follow their rules, as long as their rules are lawful, in writing and consistently maintained. I also support all people’s right to object to Home Depots position, and to choose to spend their money elsewhere. That is what I will be doing.

    Home Depot, I support your right to run your company into the ground, and I will help you do it.

  9. No more Home Depot for me. There are plenty of other places to shop.

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