Religious Freedom

I know that some may view this link and think to themselves, “yeah, but that’s the U.K. It could never happen here.”  But those individuals would be wrong. It’s already starting to happen here. All I’m doing is showing you a fast forward of what’s to come.

Imagine being required to attend a homosexual sensitivity training as a requirement for you to keep your job? Imagine if telling another associate you work with “God Bless” and having it be grounds for suspension or termination.  Imagine if you were not permitted to put up any religious signs in your yard because you’ll offend an atheist, etc?  We’re already seeing snippets of such ludicrous actions. see And they have even been held up in the courts. (which of course does not make them right).  If we don’t pay attention now, then we will allow this to escalate to the point that the only way we can retain our religious freedoms is by war.  Onward Christian Soldiers.  Fight now with actions of peace so that we can avoid war.

Here’s the link:

Are you aware that there is now a HUGE population of Muslims in the UK? Did they move there knowning that Great Britain was constituted as a Christian Nation? Did they move there knowing that the Queen herself must make an oath to God as a part of her place of importance?  Then why do they claim “offense” at Christian messages? I don’t complain when someone makes an atheistic stand in their own property, in their demeanor, etc. So why should my religious freedom be compromised because they CHOOSE to take offense with something Christian I may say or do? We, as a nation have forgotten who we are, what we stand for, and what we must continually do in order to keep those freedoms. Our country is great for no other reason that because God has proclaimed it to be so and to provide us with His protection. If we forget Him, surely He will not be bound to remember us.


2 responses to “Religious Freedom

  1. one day while substituting in class a middle schooler sneezed. i said, “God bless you.” he said, why did you say that? I don’t want his blessing. to which i said. don’t worry about that. if you don’t want it it goes straight back to him. it doesn’t stay with you. then immediately another boy, his classmate said, “that’s true. if you don’t want God’s blessing it leaves you and goes back to him.” i had been waiting a while to hear some jerk say that about giving people a blessing after sneezing. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  2. I served my mission in London and spent time with many Muslims there and I think that the UK is blessed to have them there. I don’t think they are the ones claiming to be so offended. I’d be willing to bet it’s largely the government saying that to push other agendas. They are good people. As the ethnically English people have become more atheist and secular the Muslim immigrants are more and more becoming the moral backbone of the country. They are the ones standing up for faith, integrity and family values. I think there will come a time when those Muslim brothers and sisters will flock to the church to strengthen us. The may not understand yet who Christ is, but they were living the commandments better than most members from what I saw.

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