Hatch and Bennett–Modern-Day Kishkumen

Utah Senators Bennett and Hatch are “Mormon,” are they not? Then why would a member of the Church have any problem with their politics?  Why would a member of the Church dare to compare them to Kishkumen in the Book of Mormon? Well, today I’m going to do just that.  It’s unfortunate that it will ruffle the feathers of many. I regret that result. Not because I feel that I am a perpetrator of contention, but because my reasoning and rationale will fall on deaf ears of good people who could make a difference if they truly understood. 

Today I received an e-mail from Senator Hatch’s office.  It was entitled “Open E-mail to All Republicans for Orrin Hatch.”  Why I personally received this e-mail, I have no idea.  I’ve previously made my distrust and dissatisfaction of the actions of both Senators very clear.  In his e-mail Sen. Hatch says, Today we are going to take some of the good Utah values that we hold so dear and make Washington stand up and take notice…”  He goes on to say that he is going to propose two amendments to the health care bill. While the substance of the amendments in and of themselves have merit (putting the horror of abortion, especially federally funded ones, in their proper place of evil) my objection to his amendments is that he’s merely attempting to put lipstick on a pig. 

Why are Senators Bennett and Hatch tolerating the proposal of the health care bill in the first place?  What scripture do they read that states that you can demand and take money from one person to pay for another?  What part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ says that we are entitled to health care? What lessons did they miss in the scriptures that compare egregious taxations to slavery?  Just as importantly, tell me where in the U.S. Constitution does it state that Congress, or ANY political leader, has the authority and power to do ANYTHING with healthcare on a governmental basis? Where does it give them the authority whatsoever to be working on bills that have to do with nationalized (Socialized) healthcare??

Rather than fighting full board against a bill that is designed to bring more control to our Federal government, and destroy choice, accountability and personal liberty in the process, these senators are working on “amending it.” This is not helping Utah or Americans. This is simply politics in its most base form, as usual. These actions do nothing to restore liberty, sovereignty and independence.

Captain Moroni had no tolerance for individuals such as these. He struck down those who did not fight FOR freedom—as in put their very lives at risk for it—not simply butter it up, take it out to lunch, and perhaps amend it.

I can’t stress enough that there is no such thing as “just politics.” All of our actions which we may want to compartmentalize and label as “just politics” have significant and eternal spiritual consequences. 

A point to remember. Senator Hatch provided the deciding vote on the gun ban in 1994.  It now seems that he is also positioning himself to do the same with this healthcare bill.  Senator Hatch was the AUTHOR of the heinous Serve America Act with Kennedy!

Bennett is more concerned about reelection, after promising that he would only serve 2 terms, than he is about the freedom of Americans. I have not found ONE bill that Bennett sponsored or co-sponsored which enhanced the freedom of our nation and the integrity of the Constitution. (Maybe he’s lost count of the number of years he’s served?)

Why did Bennett and Hatch vote FOR the clearly evil Cass Sunstein as the regulatory czar when it’s clearly unconstitutional to even have czars! Sunstein has made no secret that he wants to rewrite the Constitution, limit access to free speech on the internet, television, and radio, and claims that “ironclad convictions cannot be allowed” and “open-mindedness should be mandatory” and “there is no liberty without dependency.” (Doesn’t that sound like it’s right out of the adversary’s playbook?!) Further, Sunstein doesn’t believe in individual’s rights, but in the rights of a community, county, or region. So how could Bennett and Hatch stand in FAVOR of such a being given power to regulate our rights?  You can’t believe that Bennett and Hatch were ignorant of this man’s beliefs and intents when they voted FOR evil.

Ok, I’m getting a bit riled.  This isn’t about a particular party.  This is about people who claim to believe in the Gospel but who vote and behave in direct contradiction to it.  In Doctrine & Covenants 98:5-10 it specifically talks about how the law of the land is supporting the principle of freedom and is justifiable before God.  In verse 6 it specifically states that the saints are to befriend the constitution. And if there is any further doubt about the place of the Constitution in our land for our day, Doctrine and Covenants 101:77 clearly states that HE caused the Constitution to be established.  Unless you believe that the Doctrine & Covenants is no longer relevant to our day, we must be valiant in supporting the Constitution as it is given to us by a loving and wise Heavenly Father. 

Bottom line, the U.S. Constitution is not to be ignored, marginalized, or weakened by our acts (or a lack of action)—and certainly not by those who have been entrusted to support the Constitution. “I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”   I know that I am willing to hold true to such an oath. Are you? Then PLEASE vote, protest, stand firm, and be the solution accordingly.

10 responses to “Hatch and Bennett–Modern-Day Kishkumen

  1. You’ve done your homework! I love the scriptures you cited to make your case.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t include Harry Reid in your list.

  3. Thank you for speaking out against our representatives that are not fighting for our freedom . The government just seems to be getting bigger and bigger despite those that speak out against such action. I’m tired of our representatives not representing the people who voted for them.

  4. I have already decided, long since, that I will not vote for either of these men again. I don’t know what that means for me when I go to the polls, since in recent memory there has not been a viable opponent for either of them, but that is my commitment.

  5. Excellent job, Kellene. Very well thought and laid out. I’m with you 100%.


  6. Kellene, while i understand your article and feelings i would like to remind you about all the instances in the Book of Mormon where the Nephites and the lamanites once they became converted took in and provided for the less fotunate.
    and then in D&C 42: 30-31, 34, 37, 39, 71, and and then D&C 56: 16-19 and there are tons more. We will pay for health care one way or another either in hospitals going bankrupt as they are in California because they provide services and aren’t paid or in our taxes.
    Remember the last time you went to the hospital? These are not people who are there looking for a good time and a place to take advantage of others free taxes they are there because they need medical attention.
    Mosiah 4: 24, 26 what does it mean “visiting the sick and administering to their relief, both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants.”
    I just feel we need to pick carefully the stones we are going to through.
    I love you and am proud of your efforts.

  7. I also don’t see the world through the same glasses as Harry Reid.
    I dont think you begrudge your fast offerings going to help pay some medical bills the bishop feels needs to be paid for a family that needs help.
    I do hear our church leaders encouraging us to pay till it hurt and they pay a little bit more, when it comes to fast offerings.
    Im sorry again for my typing skills…

  8. Brook, you are making the mistake that socialism is charity. Socialism is, to put it bluntly, Satan’s plan.
    Charity is based on the person’s free choice, and listening to the spirit. All the glory and honor from charity goes to Christ.
    Socialism on the other hand, the government under threat takes money from those who have money. In the process of destroying wealth, they destroy private business…which is a direct assault to freedom. And do the taxpayer get any thanks? No! The government gets the thanks, and the wealthy are criticized for not giving enough!.
    Charity, the receiver is full of gratitude ( usually ) But Socialism breeds entitlement.
    Charity, because it is of Christ, the giver works harder so that he can give more…( Americans gives more dollars to charity than Europe ). With socialism, because you are penalized for working harder…and because you receive wealth for free…it creates entitlements and laziness.
    Socialism also breeds corruption. A business has to maintain honor with their customers, or they are toast. You can’t fire government very well.
    Read the scriptures, God is a capitalist! Because he is all about Liberty. It was considered a grievous tax to be taxed over 20%…we are being taxed around 50% when you include state and local taxes.

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