September 8, 2009–Make it a Day of Freedom!

By Kellene Bishop

President Obama Photo: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

President Obama Photo: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

In response to a recent article posted by World Net Daily:

I implore you to remember.  Remember that as parents and guardians, you have a choice. You can choose freedom or indoctrination and manipulation. Remember that parents are responsible to watch and be wary of what their children are subjected to. I wouldn’t subject my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or kids of my friends to this man’s words any more than I would to pornography or a Muslim hate speech.

September 8, 2009 is a day in which ALL parents/guardians should exercise their freedom by keeping their children at home. Come on. We keep the children at home so that teachers can mentally regroup or so that we can honor the veterans who fought for our country.  Surely this date is just as deserving.  Make this date a true a FREEDOM DAY! Show Washington D.C. that you will NOT allow them to raise your children. That you don’t condone this man’s methods. That you don’t respect him as a guardian to the youth in your life. Show them that liars, thieves, and whoremongers do not merit the attention and focus of our children except in moments of self-defense. Show the powers that be that they exist solely to serve you, and not the other way around. Remind them who really rules this nation–We the People. Do not force your children to bow down to the self-anointed King Obama!

I’m not asking you to stand on the bridge at Lexington with a loaded gun.  I’m not asking you to sacrifice the lives of your sons and daughters as they go off to fight in a war for freedom. I’m not asking you to sacrifice your uttermost farthing. I’m not asking you to attend a Tea Party or other rally. I’m begging you to do this one simple act so that you can clearly show your demand of freedom—freedom from governmental oppression. Freedom from forced indoctrination. Freedom to act and choose that which is good over that which is questionable!

Freedom-Print-C10086265If you can’t take this one simple stand on Sept. 8, 2009, then what can you really do? Then begs the question “do you deserve the freedom that’s provided to you every day?” What will your children have in 10 years from now?

Show your children that freedom isn’t a passive gift. Show them that it’s a gift from God, not from some man standing in front of a fancy seal and mocking the flag of our nation.  This is the SAME man who threatens to forcibly vaccinate your children, steal thousands of dollars from you to give to criminal CEO heads, lies to you about his health care plan, lies to you about what the real state of inflation and the Consumer Price Index really is, and disrespects your religious beliefs by claiming that they don’t exist or that they are akin to those of right wing extremists. Is this a man you want your children to listen to? Frankly, you would truly educate your children more if you had them listen with you to a tirade by Hitler, Mussolini, Charles Manson, or Karl Marx.

Copyright 2009 Kellene Bishop. All rights reserved.  You are welcome to repost this information so long as it is credited to Kellene Bishop.


7 responses to “September 8, 2009–Make it a Day of Freedom!

  1. I think the things on the some of these sites should stop slandering the pres. All he did and was planning to do was the usual ” stay in school and get good grades spiel” . I am truly surprised at your comments. When Pres Monson, who spent time with the man, tells me he is the devil, etc., that is the counsel I will follow. We need civility not name-calling. I mean no disrespect, but what has he actually done to speak this way about him? No fox news, beck, Limbaugh talking points. What has he done, specifically?

    • What has he done? To be truthful, if I have to point it out to you then you wouldn’t listen anyway. This is definitely one of those in which you need to study it out in your own mind. I’ve spent countless hours in study on this man, his administration, and his intent and purposes.

      The church NEVER has informed the Saints that that so and so is evil. So waiting for such a directive is simply a cop out. You have way too many examples of evil rulers in the Book of Mormon to need to be counseled in all things. Additionally, countless prophets have specifically told us that we are NOT to rely solely on what they tell us, but to rely on the promptings of the Spirit.
      This man is as evil as I’ve ever seen and I’m 100% certain of it. The unfortunate part is that what I see is only a smidgen of what he’s done. He is surely a wolf in some poorly made sheep’s clothing and the mainstream media are eating it up. And by the way, I don’t watch Fox News, Beck, or Limbaugh.
      One last thing. I think it’s very naive of anyone to believe that the speech Obama gave what what he planned on giving. After all of the backlash that he got when he demanded the time to give it, gave NO time for teachers to make adjustments in their schedules etc, you can bet he changed it. Oh, and by the way, we have time to listen to his propaganda, and yet he proposes that we have our kids stay in schools and away from their families longer because they aren’t getting enough “real” education during the day. Geesh!

  2. BTW, it was Pres Bush who got us into two wars that have not been funded. He and congress pushed thru Medicare D (unfunded), I supported going into Afghanistan, and am a healthcare provider. I deal daily with healthcare costs , reimbursement issues, and worked as a nurse in hospitals. The rule in the ER says they have to stabilize you, and then they transfer you out or discharge you, theygive you no healthcare treatment other than that.
    As a pharmacy owner, I see the choice and conudrum people face when they can’t pay for their drugs. We have had people bounce checks to us, or not pay for drug we have extended to them on credit, and we have to eat it.
    As a cancer survivor, I can’t change my private insurance for another improved one, because of cancer. There are no death panels. The politicians are so beholding to insurance companies etc, they don’t work for us, they are sometimes corrupted by power. This madness must stop.

    • So what if President Bush did something wrong? He did a LOT of things wrong. So do we use him as our barometer for right and wrong? Do we use Bush as a baraometer of just how bad or goodObama is? George Washington did just about everything RIGHT. So why don’t we talk about HIS programs, HIS philosophies of freedom and fairness instead of keep bringing up another president in an effort to support continued mischief and wrongdoing?

      I gather from your comments that you support national healthcare. May I pass along to you President Benson’s counsel to ALL of the saints (which he made at a General Conference” that we ALL read H. Verlan Anderson’s book “Many are Called But Few Are Chosen.” (You can easily find it for free on the internet to download.) You will see it clearly spelled out that NO ONE is entitled to anything to be paid for them at the expense of another. There is only ONE person who was justified in paying for something which we all enjoy.

  3. Good to hear you are not listening to the talking heads. I t is amazing that two people can have diverse opinions. I Truly would like to what makes you belive as you do.
    It is not a cop out to say the church does not direct us specifically. What I am saying is that they expect us to make informed choices, and respect our govt leaders and follow the guidelines set forth. I don’t expect the church to say yay or nay on him. I just know they don’t speak disparingly about our leaders. The time will come that we will have to follow the world or follow his counsel to literally come out of Babylon. I know who I will follow. I don’t vote parties, I have always tried to investigate and be involved in the political process since i was a teen in the late ’60’s. So what is the problems your studies have led you to feel he is evil?

  4. Please do not interpret their silence as a sanctioning of his behavior, or anyone else for that matter. The church is a VERY large corporation as far as the IRS is concerned and gets the privelege of non-profit status. If they were to come out and say anything deemed as political, then they would certainly be a target of the IRS flexing their muscles.
    There are several instances in the Book of Mormon in which good was called good and evil was called evil. In fact, Capt. Moroni didn’t just call evil, evil. He told them that if they didn’t change their ways he would simply kill them–no trial. We don’t do things that way today, of course. But that does not mean that we are to fight any less boldly against evils.
    We already have to follow the world or follow the prophet’s counsel. There is no in between. If you read 3rd Nephi you will see that there are an amazing number of examples of how His children are expected to proactively fight for freedom. There are an amazing number of direct examples that apply to our day so perfectly. The day is HERE already. We are already being called to make those choices everyday.

    Perhaps I will write a piece specifically about his offenses with back up info and let folks decide for themselves.

  5. Because I support healthcare reform does not mean that I want someone to pay for it for me. I do not understand why people think that is what reform entails. I want the right to improve my coverage, one I pay for , just like now. I want the ability to keep the healthcare i have from one job to another without the exhorbitant costs of cobra( which I used till our policy kicked in back in 2000). We know that there are some who will receive medicaid or medicare-like “free coverage” But if we has a single-payot like Canadians how is that free? They pay for it front-end like an escrow account, thru their taxes. I am not asking for free coverage. There are too many people whose financial and marriage lives have gone up in smoke, because of the crushing healthcare costs. They loose their homes and their sanity. In Japan, they have private insurers for their mandated healthcare and compete just fine with their public option. BTW, I believe I have read that book, or the other one by Pres Benson. (I was looking for it in the bookcase). I LOVE TO READ, just like you! There are going to be people get put out because they have to pay a $3 co-pay for a drug, and i want to pop them up side their head! I pay $245 wholesale for my arimidex!
    I spoke of Pres Bush, because I voted for him, and he has a track record. Obama has been in office 9 months. I point to Bush because he did not plan out the expense before putting it on our backs. Us paying for another person’s, healthcare expenses and our soliders in their time and blood, and us with our money, and it was not placed in the budget. I use Bush because he is our contemporary. Washington was wonderful but our issues are somewhat different than his time frame. Thanks for talking with me. I look forward to the specific problems of Pres Obama.

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