Swine Flu and Universal Health Care Agenda



It’s an enormous blessing that Obama’s health care plan has not been put into play here as of yet.  In Mexico, where the majority of the Swine flu cases in the world have been located, (over 2,400 at last count) the woman who may have been one of the key first cases to contract the deadly virus was unable to obtain appropriate health care.  She saw several doctors, prior to getting any treatment and being properly diagnosed.  


If you aren’t aware, Mexico has what they call a “universal healthcare” program for those who are employed full time.  Mexico has a shortage of doctors for their plan, and yet it was put into play in 2003 with full knowledge of such a shortage and no plans to resolve the shortage.  Hmmm.  The U.S. does not have a sufficient number of doctors to handle a “universal” plan either, yet Obama and his puppeteers push for it nonetheless.  In fact, Obama has gone so far as to use this potential epidemic as a propelling force to move his universal health plan through Congress at lightening speed.  Of course!  That fits this administrations motto of “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Good grief!



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2 responses to “Swine Flu and Universal Health Care Agenda

  1. I have health insurance now through my employer. I waited six weeks to see a doctor. They canceled it the morning of the appointment and the soonest they could reschedule was in ANOTHER SIX WEEKS. I pay an unholy amount of money to wait in line NOW. Sorry, but I’d rather have it cheaper (and available to everyone) and continue waiting.

    • Let’s see if I’m understanding you correctly. You’re waiting a long time NOW when everyone doesn’t have access to your doctor. But you think that paying less in the future may amount to only a similiar wait time? Good grief… What good is paying for something and NOT being able to use it? What you are experiencing currently is clearly indicative of the tip of the iceberg you will experience later. And since when does the government charge fairly for any of their services? Are your taxes fair in exchange for what you receive? What makes you think that insurance will be any different?

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